3D Animator (HOOKS)

3D Animator (HOOKS)

с 30 октября

Описание вакансии

HOOKS creative studio is looking for 2D artist
We create effective mobile game marketing creatives, mobile game cinematics, promo materials for AAA titles and indie projects from the Steam / EGS library. Our portfolio includes works with high-profile global hits and legendary creative concepts that have brought hundreds of millions of installs to the industry.


  • Animating characters and objects working with briefs and references
  • Baking animation for Unreal Engine pipeline


  • Ability to animate biped, quadruped, props, technique.
  • Understanding the dynamics of characters and the ability to convey mood through animation.
  • Facial animation with authentic emotions.
  • Knowledge of basic rigging in Maya.
  • Representative portfolio
  • At least 1 year experience in relevant field

    Also counts:
  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • Blender
  • Working with Motion Capture



по результатам собеседования

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  string(5) "Apply"
  string(20) "mailto:job@hooks.art"