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Описание вакансии

We are looking for an experienced artist who works primarily with interfaces. You will need to draw windows, buttons, icons, indicators, and so on. Drawing skill is very important. Almost the entire interface is drawn from scratch, all icons are also drawn. Knowledge in UX, understanding of the rules for building user-friendly interfaces and great pretense in mobile games are important.

Почта для отклика на вакансию: info@furylion.net


  • Design and development of game interfaces for mobile games
  • Drawing icons and other interface elements
  • Proficiency in Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Experience in creating interfaces
  • Portfolio (game interfaces and their elements, for mobile or social games)
  • Good understanding of usability

    Would be good:
  • Gamer insight and experience
  • Love for casual games
  • interest in comics
  • Absence of bad habits incompatible with office work
  • English language


  • Work on various projects
  • Opportunity for rapid growth
  • Computer with 2 monitors and a new graphics tablet
  • Convenient work schedule
  • Friendly staff and democratic atmosphere
  • Team building and other joyful events of corporate life


по результатам собеседования

          array(2) {
  string(24) "Откликнуться"
  string(24) "mailto:info@furylion.net"
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